Monday, October 17, 2011

Smell The Sun

In the trails of the houses and cars that shrink as the plane takes off into a pure white, cloudy sky; I see the sun start to peer out from the clouds that we are diving through. It gives me a warm feeling inside. A new day, a new chance, a new approach to a life I am embracing.

The weekend has been eye-opening on many levels for us. For the first time in a long time, we didn't have an argument during my entire stay. We didn't get petty about things that bugged us - we explained them to each other and moved forward. And best of all, I felt a different type of affection from him. More "I love you's" initiated by him. More cuddling and a stronger connection when we looked into each other's eyes. There was something present in those moments that I recognised, but hadn't seen for a long while. A bit like seeing someone in a store that you went to kindergarten with. You recognise them, it's just been so long since you saw them last. You may remember a name or recall a certain memory or evoke an emotion that you didn't realise was linked to them. That is how it felt. It was consoling, at a time when we need it most. Like swimming to the shore from our capsized boat, it was a little piece of debris that helped us float in. The struggle appears over for the most part.

I don't think everything is this 'easy' to repair or return to. Although we are still building up a totally new kind of relationship with a much stronger foundation, we can't help but fall back into each other's eyes and accept the fact that true love is uncontrollable. It just fits between us like a puzzle piece. And we are slowly figuring out the remaining pieces that will complete our unbreakable structure.

I have had a lot of closure this week, which I hope will help me to focus on some academic matters now for the most part. And hopefully when all the hard work is over, I can enjoy my new upcoming experiences with my greatest supporter.

I hear the plane scrape down to a landing and shuffle through the hoards of passengers until I reach fresh air and sunlight. I walk down the stairs, out the aircraft and smell the sun. Yes, I think I'll do something great today.

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