Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We Gave This Thing A Go

One week in the new space. Our new place.

I have taken the leap and moved to the city of gold. To explore my mind, my expectations, my chosen path. I know my goals and I see the plan I have coming together. I truly believed I would be in a pile on the floor, broken. Heart-wrenchingly crying out for my old life, for familiarity, for the home I have known all my life.

I can only imagine that the reason I have yet to break down is because my heart knows that this is where I am supposed to be. I feel at home in a place I only believed would eat away at my soul until I had the opportunity to come back. But to my surprise I am enjoying the transition. I think that perhaps my mind needed the challenge more than my conscience had realised.

Even though it is straining on a relationship to live together in a town where neither of us know many other people, it can also bring you so much closer. We have each other, even if never another soul. We can finally make plans that don't have to wait impatiently until the next plane ride over. We can finally see each others facial reactions when sharing stories, and hold each others hand when the need for comfort is evident.

We truly needed this personal time to spend together in person, to see whether we really are the great match that we once believed when we met all those years ago. We can give this love a real go now. And taking these steps is the truest way to show your emotions, your commitment to each other.

So as the journey continues on, we will learn. And yes we will fight and annoy each other and need our space to remain ourselves in a pod made for two. But we will also get stronger and our love will be enriched in a way that others can only look at and think, "Wow they have something great going on. A spark that seems to never run out of fuel. What a super team they make."

So if nothing else we will know, we gave this thing a good go.

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